Professional Framing Services
for Artists, Photographers, and Collectors

• Design Consultation with over 3000 Frame Mouldings
• Evaluation and Replacement of Non-archival Materials in Framed Artwork
• Artist Portfolio Development and Framing for Exhibitions
• Conservation Services for Works on Paper
• Rag Mats and Archival Bags for Storage

Frame it once, frame it right
With classic timeless design and archival materials


"Fire Crest"
J.G. Keulemans
"Spotted Axis (Deer)"
William Jardine

For over 30 years we have been helping collectors and artists create beautiful presentations for their artwork. We believe you should only have to frame art once, in a classic design which displays and protects it properly. We use only 100% archival materials so there is nothing to damage your artwork.

But remember, the frame is also a means to direct the eye. This function is so important that early frames were actually designed to look like temple doorways. Displaying artwork in the right frame is inviting entry into a special moment captured in your art. It is with this thought in mind that any frame should be chosen, whether it is a playful style to capture a whimsical mood or a 22-karat gold frame to highlight an exquisite portrait.

The most important difference between a great frame and a bad one is often the design and not the price. We have over 3000 mouldings to complement your style and budget. Come in and see why clients from Bellingham , Bainbridge Island , Olympia , Issaquah and beyond come to work with us. They trust that we will provide quality and craftsmanship at a fair price and a finished piece which provides a lifetime of enjoyment.


Never trim the edges of a print; trimming diminishes the value of artwork on paper.

Use 100% cotton rag mats front and back to protect the art. Never allow cardboard or paper pulp mats, which are acidic, to touch the artwork. A paper mat, even if put over a rag mat, will create an acid chamber over the image and burn the print. A pulp mat can be identified on framed artwork by its characteristic brown bevel.

Artwork should be hinged with rice paper and rice paste, or with Mylar corners. Never dry mount or wet mount a print, even if it is not flat. Handmade prints on rag paper will often have an uneven surface; this is part of their charm. If a print must be mounted to preserve it, have a professional paper conservator do the work.

Old prints which have spots (foxing), stains, or other minor damage can often be washed and repaired. The acid they have absorbed from paper mats and cardboard can be neutralized.

Never put the glass against the print. Always provide an air space, because glass attracts moisture. Condensation can cause the print to stick to the glass or create water stains. When cleaning glass, spray the cloth, not the glass. Water or cleaner can drip under the glass and wick up onto the mat or artwork, encouraging mold growth.

The back of the frame should be sealed with paper to keep out dust and insects.