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Fine Impressions Gallery is a fine art print gallery offering a wide selection of original antique and contemporary handmade prints and other works on paper, including watercolors and drawings. We have something for every interest, including architecture, botanicals, maps, birds, historical subjects, literary subjects, satire, costumes, and much more. Our professional framing services will protect and display your artwork, providing a lifetime of enjoyment.

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"Beach Hill" 2/22
Sherry Buckner

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We are wrapping up our series on the different forms of printmaking with a look at stencil printing, a process of printing through a cut form. These includes serigraphs and pochoir prints, both of which were popularized in the 1900s. Stencil prints are noted for their graphic style and saturated, bold colors, which make them very versatile – perfect for detailed book pages and large scale posters in addition to fine art prints.

Serigraph: Serigraphs, also known as silkscreens or screen prints, were popularized in the 1960s by Andy Warhol. Noted for their broad areas of color and silky texture, they matched the graphic styles of the time.

At the turn of the century, artists used silk stretched across a frame but moved on to polyester with the advent of synthetic fabrics. By blocking parts of the fabric screen, the artist creates a stencil through which to print the image. Ink is forced through the screen using a razor or squeegee and sticks to the paper below, sometimes showing the texture of the fabric used. Multi-colored prints require multiple screens with a different color of ink each time.

"Pink Cow"
Andy Warhol
(Signed in Felt Pen)
Serigraph, 1976
Call for Price

"The Sower" 25/70
Patrick Burke
$700.00 Matted

"Tightrope walker
Jean Michel Folon
Serigraph, 1973

"Whale" A/P
John Hagen
Serigraph, 2009

"The Mountain"
Elton Bennett

Pochoir: Pochoir is the fine art term for cut stencils. Far beyond simple sign making or lettering stencils, the pochoir technique produces complex images with many layers of color and texture. The artist first carefully analyzes the elements and colors of the composition, then cuts a stencil for each segment – sometimes up to eighty plates. Copper, zinc, and aluminum were originally used for the stencils but many contemporary artists often prefer celluloid or plastic.

For book illustrations and large editions, printing was done in an assembly line style by professional colorists. They used special brushes or pads to carefully color through one stencil plate at a time. Finished pochoir prints have deep, brilliant and strong color. The thick but clean border of the paint often leaves an edge that can be felt on the print.

"Alsace - Rochersberg"
Aline Keim

"Salon" Plate 19 1/16
Henri Delacroix
Pochoir, 1930

"Relais" Plate 5
Edouard Benedictus
Pochoir, 1930
$225.00 Matted

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