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Fine Impressions Gallery is a fine art print gallery offering a wide selection of original antique and contemporary handmade prints and other works on paper, including watercolors and drawings. We have something for every interest, including architecture, botanicals, maps, birds, historical subjects, literary subjects, satire, costumes, and much more. Our professional framing services will protect and display your artwork, providing a lifetime of enjoyment.

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"Enigma" 7/50
Palo (Paul) Antmann
Etching, 1992

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While we have an abundance of beautiful art in the gallery, some of our true favorites are the strange and quirky curiosities from the past centuries. Some historical prints strike our fancy for the artist’s design, mistakes, unusual subject matter, humor or odd juxtapositions. Here is just a sneak peak into our “cabinet of curiosities.” Hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

"The Rocket Book" 1st Ed.
Peter Newell

There is a hold in the book where the rocket goes up through the apartment building

"Telescopic Appearance
of the Moon"
Unknown Artist
Etching, 1800

The moon is upside down

"Child of the Flowers" 55/700
Takeo Takei
Color Woodblock, 1933

"Curious Species of Ascarides"
J. Pass
Hand Colored Engraving, 1800

"Le Reve de Diane"
Niki de Sanit Phalle
Lithograph, 1970

"Vergleichende Ubersicht der Bedeutendsten Stromlangen"
Joseph Meyer
Hand Colored Engraving

"Savage Tribes" Plate III
Owen Jones
Chromolithograph, 1856

"Mr. Satan"
Unknown Artist
Photograph Postcard

"Lady's Work Table" Pl.35, Vol.8
Unknown Artist
Hand Colored Engraving, 1811

Remember, we have many items in the gallery that are not on our website.

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We are continually adding new listings, images, and information to our website. Please contact us if you are interested in an item that is listed without an image, or if you have any other questions about our inventory or services.
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